Two advantages of using a mortgage broker versus a bank

Recently, I was asked by a potential new client to explain the advantages of using a mortgage broker versus a bank.  This is a great question!  I want to share this distinction with you as well.

1)      A broker works with many lenders.  When a client goes to a bank, they are limited to the loan programs being offered by that specific bank.  They are also limited by that bank’s policies, procedures, pricing, underwriting, and turnaround time.  A broker will match up the client with the best lender to match their particular circumstances.  We choose the appropriate lender based on those circumstances, also taking into consideration pricing and service levels.  Some lenders are better for FHA/VA, others for Fannie Mae products, others for Freddie Mac products, and so on.

2)       We do the loan shopping for the client.  Can you imagine how time-consuming it would be for a client to go to several banks in order to make the comparisons we do every day on the above criteria?

Stay tuned for part two of this article in which I will share reasons 3 and 4.

What do you think is another advantage of using a mortgage broker?  Share your thoughts below.

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1 Response to Two advantages of using a mortgage broker versus a bank

  1. Mark Gambuzza says:

    I think that a big benefit with acquiring my loan with you, is that you were able to explain the terms and overall language of my mortgage,in layman’s terms, to a novice like myself.
    Another benefit, was that my wife and I felt comfortable talking to one person, who existed in a fixed location, and that we could physically sit down across. Our interactions with anonymous individuals over the phoneme did not make us feel comfortable with our sensitive personal info.

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